DDecember 17 - 21 2006
DHammamet, Tunisia

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The SITIS conference is dedicated to research on the technologies used to represent, share and process information in various forms, ranging from signal, image, and multimedia data to traditional structured data and semi-structured data found in the web. SITIS spans two inter-related research domains that increasingly play a key role in connecting systems across network centric environments to allow distributed computing and information sharing. SITIS 2006 aims to provide a forum for high quality presentations on research activities centered on three main tracks:

  • The focus of the first track “Information Management & Retrieval Technologies” (IMRT) is on the emerging modeling, representation and retrieval techniques that take into account the amount, type and diversity of information accessible in distributed computing environment.
  • The second track “Web-Based Information Technologies & Distributed Systems” (WITDS) is devoted to emerging and novel concepts, architectures and methodologies for creating an interconnected world in which information can be exchanged easily, tasks can be processed collaboratively, and communities of users with similarly interests can be formed while addressing security threats that are present more than ever before.
  • The third track titled “Signal & Image Technologies” (SIT) focuses on recent developments in digital signal processing and pays particular attention to evolutions in audiovisual signal processing, analysis, coding and authentication, and retrieval techniques.

SITIS is also dedicated to bring together scientists from the world over, particularly from developing countries, to share and exchange knowledge, experience and research results. When the conference is hosted by research institutions in developing countries, a particular emphasis will be placed on the presentation of applied research, the organization of practical tutorials and workshops that may help address the information processing needs of these countries, and book give away sessions to allow conference attendees to donate  books to the local institutions.

Track I
Information Management & Retrieval Technologies (IMRT)

Track II
Web-Based Information Technologies & Distributed Systems (WITDS)

Track III
Signal & Image Technologies (SIT)

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