DDecember 17 - 21 2006
DHammamet, Tunisia

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SITIS'06 Call For Hosting

What you should know

Keep in mind that IEEE SITIS runs from Sunday through Wednesday. Tutorials are run on Sunday and tracks on Monday through Wednesday. Traditionally, there are a welcome reception, conference banquet and social events, and a conference luncheon. One or more keynote sessions are traditionally organized and require large meeting rooms (150 people).

Site and rooms
The location must be able to handle at least 2 parallel sessions at a time. The rooms should be close together, and of adequate size to handle sessions. There also needs to be:

  • at least one large room to handle opening session, keynote addresses, conference reception, poster session (say 30 posters), and conference social (about 100 people).
  • ample room and services to provide coffee breaks between sessions. 
  • a reserved location for a registration area during the entire conference.
  • a room with computer equipment and printers available to attendees to check e-mail, et cetera. If possible, wireless networking access is a nice addition.

Local Equipment
Each session room will need a screen, overhead projector, and especially a LCD projector. A laptop can be provided. Usually the sponsoring university takes care of local equipment at no or very little charge.

Local Volunteers
You need to have adequate volunteers to “man” the registration desk and to assist in preparation of registration materials. During the conference tutorial and technical sessions, volunteers will be needed to set up and maintain AV equipment in each room. 

Conference Excursions
Generally a local tour company is contracted to provide a variety of one-day or half-day excursions that conference participants and/or spouses can take throughout the conference.

Host Support
As a host institution, it will be nice to provide a gift (paid for by the host or a local sponsor) for each conference participant. The gift is generally something special representing the local host or local region. 

What the steering committee needs to know

To host IEEE SITIS, the steering committee needs to know the following issues:

Name of the City and the University Sponsor
(A short summary about the city might be helpful):


Proposed Location for the Conference
(This may be a hotel or at the host university):


Name and a summary of the activities of the track program co-chairs, specifying:

  • His/her research interests and publication
  • His/her previous involvement with organizing a conference


Local Organizers

























Previous conferences located at the proposed location (city):


Proposed Dates for the Conference (from November to December):

Transportation Details

  • Do you fly directly to the location or another place and take a bus, shuttle, rail, taxi, etc.
  • What is the approximate cost if a bus, shuttle, rail, or taxi is used after arriving at the initial flight destination?

Proposed Hotels
(A list of surrounding hotels and their approximate cost should also be provided):




Proposed Conference Excursions:



Plans for getting sponsoring support from other universities or companies
(for luncheon, reception, coffee breaks, keynote speaker, conference social event):





Tutorials Suggestions
(often geared towards local industry/university people): 





Please send your proposal to

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